Student life in Germany – Kiran Karki

With love for learning and hope for a better future, Kiran Karki a young has just spent his last 8 months in Germany studying master program in Information Engineering at FH University. Studying environment in Germany is quite impressive for those students who are coming from developing courtiers like Nepal because we are depriving of quality education and resources. We have provided lots of facilities in universities and also by the government like health insurance, free public transportation, sports facilities etc. In the interview, he told us that classes in Universities are fully interactive and students from different courtiers help us to know culture and tradition.
When asked about the status of International Students studying in Germany, He told us that the main problem in Germany for an international student is a language barrier. The native language in Germany is Deutsch and since almost 90% people are speaking Germany language and other rest is mostly student who speaks the English language. Because of language, it was really difficult for him to communicate everywhere like in public place, shopping hall, official works. So he recommends learning at least A2 level in Germany language before departing to Germany. Except this student doing well in studies and for a living. Some companies offer a part-time job for an international student and paying satisfactory remuneration.
According to Kiran, there are many reasons behind to study here. Such as:

a) No tuition fees at public Universities in Germany:
There are two types of universities in Germany; public and private universities. Public universities are financed by the government and do not charge tuition fees. On the other side, students attending private universities often pay a very high fee.

b) Universities hold qualitative education, excelling infrastructure as well as curriculum:
Universities giving you a good start to an international career! There are many specialize subjects offer for students. Another cherished aspect of studying here is the open interactions and introductions to other students coming here from other countries. Getting close to your fellow students will provide more support for our study journey.

c) Friendly Environment:
German people are friendly, but also respect and value our privacy! There are many green spaces and parks in every neighborhood the ideal spaces to calm your mind and get it together, especially before exams! Its efficient and safe public transportation is another perk of studying in Germany. We get a travel card for free by paying for our enrollment and administrative taxes in the university.

d) Future Career:
After graduation, we can seek work easily as the law allows international graduates to stay in Germany for an additional 18 months, specifically for finding work.The teaching method and grading system are totally different. There are a few exercise lessons in which the theoretical part can be practiced and proofed in reality. At the end of every team, the students get their grades according to their work and results of their final examination, speeches, presentation, assignments and practical projects.

In some subjects, students are obligated to do an internship which may last for a few weeks or even months. The cost of living is comparatively higher than Nepal. Total living costs for students in Germany come around 500 Euro per months but it includes health insurance cost, telecommunication cost etc.

Kiran’s first priority is completing his education as the scope of Information Engineering in Germany is astounding. Private IT companies starve of the fresh programmer. Hope they will offer a platform to utilize his knowledge. After getting some expertise from Germany working environment, he plans to go back to Nepal with excellent ideal and leadership.

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