Poem: Perception

Poem By: Sushmita Thakuri

A world separated by the street
Street no.33
On one side 
I see a beggar
Nested in a curb
Drooping wrinkles like plaits of crumpled skirt, liver marked face
Throwing out scared and scarred, coarse two fore limbs 
Begging for some pence
On one side
I see a boy
Ruffled hair, few ringlets plastered to forehead, tangled into mess by city smog
Dulled to pale just like his life
Ragged clothes, ragged jute sack resting in his hunched back
Throwing the blank stare at passersby
On one side
I see a female
Lost her right to diction “woman”
Intoxication blending to scarlet down the green lines in her forearms
Forced to sell her flesh
Standing at door staring at herself,
At a broken glass that shows her true false image
On one side
I see a temple,
A church, a mosque, a dome with timeworn crepe fluttering in the air
In ruins, 
In verge of denudation

On the other side
I see a man
Handsomely dressed, the perfectly tailored blazer
Succulent, screened under scorching sun
As he walks on by the swirl of his rich cologne had heads swooned in aisles
On the other side
I see a boy
Carrying a bag, bottle at the back
An easy smile up to those hazy blue eyes, grinning at the brand-new toy
His shoes, silk shirt, sleek blonde hair shining like freshly minted coins 
Airing his voice honeyed and proud
On the other side
I see a woman
So vividly self-aware amidst the dangling gold and amber
Draped in the modest attire which promised finesse
Admiring herself in the glass of her almirah
As she carries her feet with that very impeccably perfect grace
On the other side
I see a temple,
A church, a mosque, a dome with fancy crepes beautifully swaying in the breeze
Glistening in the sun, glowing like silver stars under moonlit sky
As the bells chime to the songs of summer joy

Well, parallel lines never meet
True for mathematics
True for streets
After all humanity caged inside is too lethargic to cross those humans made concrete lane of bricks

Fascinate House

Senior Writer