Are you obsessed with the taste of Italian Cuisine? We have good news for you…

Now you don’t have to travel all long way to Italy to taste the cuisine, it is available in our own country, Nepal. Recently, a new range of an Italian menu has re-launched at hotel Radisson, Kathmandu. Decorated with elegant décor and the leaves of olive around the dining provides you an environment as in the Olive Garden. Italian food is typical food from Italy, simple and rich in high-quality ingredients. These recipes are decorated with different pops of color and dining are design in such a way that guest can fully enjoy a delicious food. The Italian cuisines are considered to be the healthiest food as it contains rich amount of cheese, olive oil, and wine. Executive Chef Mr. Utpal Kumar Mondal said, “Every people can adapt to the Italian cuisine”. So you don’t have to worry about tasting new food. Furthermore, he said that the ingredients are imported directly from Italy itself. The authentic Italian Menu can provide every guest a memorable dine and feel of Italy at Olive Garden. 

Fascinate House

Senior Writer