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To become a vegetarian in an instant is not an easy thing if you are beginners. Many people give up meat in an effort to improve their health. Studies show that vegetarians tend to have lower rates of diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure.
Is eating meat a sin? Of course it is. Causing animal to suffer needlessly is a sin. If we can’t even bear the pain of a needle, just imagine how painful has it been to those slaughtered animals. Love animals. Go vegan.
There are too many possible reasons for becoming a vegetarian.
1. Eat seasonally
Seasonal foods are rich in vitamins according to its nature. The fresher the vegetarian or fruit, the healthier it will be. This will provide you an organic food that you don’t need to prefer on meat to get vitamins. You can try different recipes of a vegetarian dinner. Or read about the issues behind organic food and vegetarian. If you find organic food too expensive, you can grow your own food in nearby your areas.

2. Make a gradual change
Becoming a vegetarian entirely in an initial phase is not a quick process. Before you quit meat, learn to enjoy being a vegetarian. You can gradually decrease your consumption of meat day by day. Make a plan in weeks that you will resolve eating chicken meat at first and following others too. Another weeks, start quitting fish, raw meat and many others. I assure you that it is a healthy process

3. Don’t give up
If you give up, you fail. It is hard to find vegetarianism at first. Just keep patience and move on. In weeks, months or in a few days, you will start changing in preference of food. As nothing is impossible, to become a vegetarian is easy if you don’t lose hope. You will find yourself start thinking only about veg dinner after few days.

4. Read labels with care
In many fast foods which are not vegetarian, you need to remember the ingredients in foods while shopping. The labels may include the meat ingredients also. Therefore, don’t purchase an item that has meat ingredients. You need to avoid it.

Do you find difficulty in being a vegetarian? Here are the following four steps that will make you easier and faster to go vegan.

1. Find interesting vegetarian recipes: Browse through the google about the recipes. And start enjoying these foods, eliminating from one or two meat out of meal every day.
2. Start adapting to family recipes: try eating meat-free products such as veggie- sausage, and others.
3. Read vegetarian cookbooks: There are many books that describe meatless dishes. For eg: Mark Bittman’s How to cook everything in vegetarian, Han Kang The vegetarian etc.
4. Think positive: Tell yourself by saying “I can do it”. Let positive words motivate you to move further into vegetarianism.

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