How lack of sleep affect your body?

How lack of sleep can have bad impression on your body and looks?
Of course, lack of sleep is never going to help you at all. If you stay for long hours at night, you will become tired the next day. You may end up waking up late. And things begin to change on how you look and gradually, your body gets worse and energy less. It can directly affect the range of our body system. Never a good idea!
Here are some results of how deprivation of sleep can affect your body and looks.
1. Your skin gets dull
Lack of sleep will lead to less supplication of blood to your body and it can cause unhealthy impact on your skin. Dull skin is the bad effect of sleep deprivation. If you don’t get enough sleep, your quality of skin deteriorates and pimples start to pop out.
Pimples??? The biggest enemy for everyone.
2. Dark circle under the eye
Have your ever had your eyes darkened after a party? Of course, a big Yes. It is all because of late night where we lack the proper time to sleep. It is another effects of sleep deprivation. Nowadays, makeup products are easily accessible and you can cover them without any trace. But it would be rather better if you never got them.
Have less party!!
3. Depression adds up
The biggest impact of the lack of sleep is that you will gradually develop the feeling of depression. You wont feel like doing anything and the next assignment will just be burden for you. This will affect your physical fitness and how you look as well. Besides, you will experience anxiety.
Depression is hell inside of every person. It eats you up-
4. You will feel like….not willing to involve in anything
If you don’t get enough sleep, there is no way you will have fully charged energy for the next day. You will feel like not working out. It ruins your day and ultimately hinder you from doing further work. You also wont be inclined to do anything. If you are energy less, then you are far less likely to have conversation with people and your work.
It can alter your mood significantly.
Lack of sleep makes your brain tired and it can’t let our body function properly. If you continue to have this sleepless night, then you could start having hallucinations.
You could hear and see things that are actually not there. Your mind gets disturbed with the figure and sound you can’t simply describe.
What other effects do you think?

Tsering Tsomo

Senior Writer