Why do korean have fair skin?

Why do korean have fair skin?- Lets find out.
Korean, whether woman or man take daily care of their skin and they seriously follow their routine as well. Skin care is obsession to both male and female in korea. The beauty products of korea are very popular and healthy. It is cheap as well.
That is why,their complexion are far way better than others and in order to find out their secrets, we have provided you the five most interesting facts behind their fair skin.
1. They use a lot of healthy skin products
Everyday, Korean wash their face with two cleanser and at the same time, apply 2-3 lotion on the face. Korean carry sunscreen wherever they go. They put on whitening and sunscreen all day. They also use pack of masks and moisturizing cream. By doing this, It helps to tighten the pores and keep the skin glow and young. They use packs and mask three times a week. For over 30s, they apply anti wrinkles products and whitening.
2. Koreans eat healthy diet
You are what you eat. If you visit by Korean restaurant, you will find each food well cooked and fresh to dine. Skin problems are mainly due to the consumption of excessive oil, fried and even from the processed food. Whereas, korean diet has a very few oily and processed. Korean ingredients are mostly organic and grown food. So they usually dine local food and eat clean. That is the reason why their skin result is very fair and white.
3.They consult the doctor almost once a month
In korea, skin hospitals are easily accessible and it is cheap as well. They frequently visit the doctor to get pimples popped out and even if they have small dots of pimples, they will be given a pill. The treatment is easily done there without any difficulty. They go under the laser treatment. It is very popular in korea. It quickly fits facial pigmentation, dark spots and freckles.
4. Korean shield their body more than applying
They wear hats and cover themselves with some material whenever they expose to the sun. You can find the difference between korean and others in respect of their response of their body to the sun. Even when it is not raining, Koreans walk down with umbrellas on to shield themselves from harmful rays. You can find almost every women wearing long gloves, big round hats and sunglasses. It is uncommon to see them without it.
5.They dont spend too much in the beach
As you have witnessed in the beach, korean people wont be seeing sunbathing for long hours under the scorching sun like western does. They wont stay even half hours in the water, immediately run to the spot to shield their body.
You will soon find change in your skin, if you spend a year or two in Korea. Soon your damaged skin, freckles and dark spots will gradually start to diminish and you will also starts getting obsessed with the daily skin care. It certainly repairs your skin.
Eat healthy and stay healthy!

Tsering Tsomo

Senior Writer