5 Ways to Boost up your Brain power

5 ways to boost up your memory while studying

How far you are successful in academic is determined by how good your memory is. Our brain power and memory plays a huge part in what makes us “Top” in everything we do. Keeping your brain on top can lead you to head towards success, especially during academic studies.

I am certain that if you don’t have good memory, you will never be able to pass the subject like science. The formula and the long theory of critical wont give you effective result, unless your brain power is strong enough to store. Thus, it is time to exercise your brain and make it boost up more. Here read on to five ways to boost your brain power.

1. Do some exercise daily
Doing exercise for few times in week, it will not only improve your physical fitness but also help boost up your brain power. You can also engage in swimming, cycling and running, it will strengthen your brain. By doing this, your memory skills improve a lot and provide fresh environment to absorb more information from the class or lecture.
If you have not started exercising yet, slowly start building this routine. You can at least do some exercise for 15 minutes daily. It will work wonder for you.

2. Change your position daily
Staying at the same place for a long time may lead you to boredom. Take a different route and position daily in the classroom or study place. It helps to energize your brain and freshen your mind. It will provide positive result and productive effect in your study.
Change your seat, sometime try visit the garden or quite environment. It keeps your mind at peace.

3. Engage yourself in physical work, in middle of study
If you engage in one thing for a long time, it will lead you to monotonous. Rather, give a break to your self. Try doing some new things or do physical work simply at home. New experience help your brain to flourish and learn quickly. If you have enough time, involve yourself in charity work sometime. It not only help to boost your brain but at the same time, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

4. Go to bed early
Early to bed, early to rise.
Usually, we tend to stay late at night if exam is on the next day. But, this is never a good idea. Our body needs plenty of rest. Making sure you get enough sleep at night, you must sleep early. It gives your body enough time to recover and re energize for the next day. Proper rest gives your brain fine condition to have effective learning and studying.

5. Never skip your food
Some people are so busy with the work or some don’t just feel hungry. It is very important to eat on time and healthy part of lifestyle. Your performance is determined by what you eat.
Skipping food will affect you emotionally and physically as well. It will affect your ability to think, memorize and concentrate. You will feel yourself irritating.

Tsering Tsomo

Senior Writer