Enthusiastic and All Round – Shova Maharjan

Enthusiastic and all round, Shova has established her own fashion institute named as Gorgeous Institute of Fashion Technology (GIFT) through which she has been able to guide and produce more than 50 talented designers in the fashion market. Even as a young girl, she had a versatile interest which includes photography, tailoring, handicrafts and stitching. Due to her skills and hardworking nature, she was offered many contracts. Like a job in a boutique in Kupondole, where she excelled and was encouraged to study fashion design by her colleagues. So she joined NIFT in 2007. And then was offered teaching job in NIFT after receiving her diploma. She was involved as a model as well as a designer during that time. Her area of expertise also comprises of teaching as she worked for a year in Don Bosco School as a design teacher which gave her the passion to initiate her own company.

Presently, GIFT is official designer for most of the beauty pageants like Miss Sherpa, Miss Intercontinental, Master and Miss Little Flower, Little Miss Newa, Mrs Newa and Miss Newa Pokhara. And it also designs for Rising Star, Miss Princess Child Icon, Miss Newa and many more.

Currently, she is busy in Gorgeous Attire Show Season 4 to be held in Chaitra, different fashion shows, beauty pageants and as a teacher in Little Flower Public School alongside teaching in GIFT. Also, she is preoccupied with fashion shows and beauty pageants out of valley such as Dharan, Narayanghat, Chitwan and Pokhara. And has signed Nepalbhasa film projects and music videos. Though she is engaged in a lot of projects, her main focus as her career is in fashion industry. “My aim is to transform GIFT from institute to a fashion college.” Says dedicated Shova.

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