Women Empowerment : Happy Woman’s Day

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”, on the basis of this, a society or community, along with family can be developed sustainably with the help of women empowerment. When women will be empowered, this will contribute to the productivity, and health of whole family. This will help in improving the status of community and also prospectus generation.

Equal rights are not given to women due to their dependency on their family for livelihood as they have no earnings. Women have less access to various essential resources and employment opportunity due to which, women are victim of domestic violence. Empowered women are the framework, which provide desired framework to society and help in sustainable development. It is essential that the leadership should be implemented such that women can be empowered. This process of empowerment also helps in reducing the economic productivity and development of society. Empowerment will also help women to protect themselves from domestic violence and lead a dignified life.

In a true sense, women empowerment can be done when women are educated and financially can assist their families. Empowered women will work for the benefit of her family and will help in sustainable development of the society. Women education plays an important role in educating the society, as they will be able to educate their children.
Empowerment of women will help in empowering the future in terms of education and will help in eradicating poverty.


– Work with women who need your help to lead a healthy and successful life.
– Teach women about the importance of cleanliness and healthy eating for healthy life.
– Work with the neglected section of the community for the benefit of adolescent girls and women and simultaneously the community.
– Such activities help in developing the sense of self-worth and empowerment in women with an ability to contribute to the economic growth of community.
– This experience will change your perception about life and help women to become self-reliant.
= Volunteers will listen to the problems and issues of women and help them in a friendly manner for the development of community.
– Educate women and teach them about individuality and thus will help in the development of the community and their family. Education is the most powerful tool for women empowerment.
– Work with women from diverse cultural aspect and teach them about Basic English and computer skills.
– Development of conversational skills through a number of interactive sessions.
– Teach them about the importance of health and hygiene to lead a healthy life.
– Educate and generate awareness amongst young girls about their rights and policies implemented for their development.
– Information about the strategic interventions for the growth of women in terms of productivity should be imparted.
– Volunteers also impart knowledge about reproductive health and about various measures such that the health of children and women can be improved.

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