The top four Veg restaurant in Kathmandu

The Top Five Vegetarian Restaurant in Kathmandu
Kathmandu is a big town and it is pretty hard to stop by at the restaurant if you are vegetarian or you prefer veg food. Some restaurant have veg optional. But that wont be easy unless you are certain of it.
Now you don’t have to go through difficulty. If you are looking for the restaurant that has vegetarian food list, then you have clicked the right portion. We have listed here the top four vegan restaurant with its location and few information that you are looking for.
1. OR2K
OR2K, vegan restaurant is one of the best place to hang out with friends. The night view from its rooftop will shower you with refreshment from the hustle and bustle of city. You can’t stop choosing the food because there are ample of menu list, most in western style. That you can’t have enough of all at one visit. IF you prefer the night dinner, this restaurant has nice ambiance to spend time for.
This restaurant is in Thamel. Enjoy visit.
2. Place restaurant and bar
Are you looking for something special beside the food? Like music or Jazz. Then you must visit this restaurant. This restaurant provides you relaxed the atmosphere with music in background. If you are jazz lover or you want to meet the famous artist, it invites recognized artist often in the nights to perform.
You can find the arts on the walls great and fantastic cocktails. In the midst of chaos, this place can be the best escape for you. It is located ar saat Gumt, marg, Kathmandu.
3. Sarangi vegetarian restaurant
If you are struggling to find vegetarian restaurant around the town, this place will pay you a relaxes company with its delico¬°ious food. One of most amazing is its rooftop. It can also be known as hidden place in Thmael or as Sarangi restaurant thamel. It has even better traditional Nepali music. This restaurant follows the traditional value by organizing “Sarangi night” on every friday.
It is at Shiva Complex, Kathmandu. Great to stop By.
4. Aniyor vegetarian restaurant.
This restaurant is located at central area, close to Narayanhiti museum. It is specialised with indian foods. You can have great vegan options here. This restaurant is run by Indian family with 100% veg at Thamel in bigger place with capacity. It takes order from the people as well and if you are thinking of delivery, you can order from Aniyou Vegetarian restaurant. Besides, other food like Thai, turkeys any others are available in this restaurant.
They also have guest house. It is suitable for meeting, dining and also for dating.
Enjoy your visit.

Tsering Tsomo

Senior Writer