GUFA : A Newari Tradition, Nepal

Gufa (SURYA DARSHAN) is a traditional ritual practiced by Newars. Newari is one of the ethnic group of Nepal. Gufa is also called Surya Darshan or Bahratyagu. It has been practice for years. Gufa is praticed by young girls. This ritual is done before the menstruration cycle starts. A girl is married to the sun. She is kept in dark room for 12 days.

In those 12 days, relatives come over and serve delicious newari food to the girl. It is believed that serving foods to a girl during gufa is blessing. Also, one of the interesting fact about it is, a white doll is made out of cotton which is called Kyak. White Kyak is a symbol of goddess and purity. Girls wear Koaa Powder- A traditional natural beauty product. This is a unique ritual and an identity to Newars. As sun is the main focus of this ritual, it awares people and make them believe in the miracles of nature. Also, it awares little girls about menstruation.

Photo: Skanda Gautam



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