Book Review of Vanishing Acts

Delia Hopkins has a great life. She is living with her wonderful daughter and terrific fiance. She has a great career as a detective. The story begins like a fairy tale. But her life is shattered in an instsnt when her father is arrested for kidnapping her when she was four. Delicia`s father had told her that her mother had died giving birth to her. Before kidnapping Delicia, Andrews Delicia`s father lived in Arizona. Delicia`s lawyer and fiance, Eric associates with an Arizona attorney and takes on the job of defending Andrew against the charges. Fitz, a journalist and childhood bestfriend of both Eric and Delicia follows them . In Arizona, Delicia meets her mother Elisle and her step dad.

The book slowly reveals the truth. Andrew loved his daughter with all his heart. Andrew and Elisle were getting divorced and Elisle had the custody of their daughter. But Elisle was an alcoholic and her boyfriend sexually exploited four year old Delicia. When Andrew saw this, he punched Elisle`s boyfriend in the face and took Delicia away with him in that very moment. Elisle was unaware about this.This book alternates between the views of- Delicia, Eric, Fitz, Andrew and Elisle. With the alternating view we can learn about each and every charcter`s pain and struggle.. Also there ia a tragic love storyinvolving Delicia, Eric and Fitz.

At last Andrew is freed He seeks forgiveness from his daughter who kindly forgives him.

This book is worth reading. Suspense, romance, love, tragic and inspiring qoutes have made it an appealing one.

Give it a try!

(Author of the book-  Jodi Picoult)

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