Travel Diaries : Maldives, Srilanka and Thailand – Swechha Regmi

Travel junkie, Swechha Regmi is sharing her traveling experience with us today. Currently, she has just finished her first semester in multimedia, IT and just before that she was traveling with her family around the globe. She traveled three countries in her single trip; Maldives, Srilanka and, Thailand. Having spent 5 days in the Maldives, 3 days in Srilanka and 3 days in Thailand along with 11 other family members her journey was really an interesting one to eye on. We asked Swechha more about her thoughts on traveling and she told us that traveling with family is the best part for her.

Swechha told us “Traveling sounds so amazing and realistic, the anxiety you carry every day burns into happiness when you travel.It lets you open with who you’re meant to be.” She also shared how traveling has helped her understand how the world is moving on the other side and it helps us socialize and adjust to any situation.

What does traveling mean to you?
“For me, traveling means to see the world from different perspectives,” replied Swechha.

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