Top 5 Best Treks In Nepal

Treks in Nepal

There are some of the most beautiful and famous treks in Nepal.
1. The Langtang Region
A trek through the Langtang region will take you to 4,700 meters (15,419 feet) with excellent views of both the Annapurna region to the west and the Makalu region to the east. The trek also passes by Buddhist monasteries and a nature reserve renowned for animal viewing.
The best thing about the 14-day trek is that it begins near, or even in Kathmandu. This makes it very easy to organize and is an excellent option for those pressed for time or looking for an easy introduction to trekking in Nepal.

2. The Mt. Everest Circuit
Nestled in the Khumbu region, home to Sherpa and Tibetan Buddhist cultures, there are many reasons to visit this area of Nepal besides getting a glimpse of Chomolungma, as Everest is known to the people who live around her.
Treks in the Khumbu typically range from 17 to 25 days, depending on the route. Though it was once popular to begin treks into the Khumbu from just outside Kathmandu, heavy Maoist activity in these areas has forced most trekkers to fly to Lukla, which sits at 2,680 meters (9,380 feet).

3. The Annapurna Circuit
The major trek in the west of Nepal is the Annapurna circuit. Reaching a height of 5,300 meters (17,388 feet), the circuit traverses the incredible mountains and glaciers of the Annapurna Conservation Area.
The circuit takes between 16 and 20 days from Pokhara, Nepal’s third largest city. Though the elevations are just as high as in Khumbu, the Annapurna Circuit begins near sea level and allows more time for gentle acclimatization.

4. The Annapurna Sanctuary
The Annapurna circuit itself does not actually go to the common base camp of Annapurna. It is the Annapurna Sanctuary trek, which also begins from Pokhara, that leads to the base of this impressive 8,091 meter (26,545 feet) mountain.
The trek takes between eight and ten days, round trip from Pokhara, and can be a real trial for the unacclimatized. The base camp, at 4,157 meters (13,638 feet), can also be reached as an extension of the Annapurna Circuit.

5. Mt. Kangchenjunga Circuit
If you are looking for something a bit more remote and much less traveled, the trek to the base camp of Mt. Kangchenjunga (8,586 meters, 28,169 feet) may be just the thing.
It is best to plan at least 20 days to reach the base camp of the world’s third highest peak and return. Unlike the other treks on this list, the amenities on the Mt. Kangchenjunga route will be basic.

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