Things to makes you happy

Nowhere else, happiness lies within you. What you do and what you think determine your happiness. Therefore, it is very important to stay positive and hold on to many things that cause you pain and suffering. If you don’t find your own way to happiness, then no one else will provide you.
Here is a list of 8 things, if you give up on them, will make your life lot easier and happier.
1. Don’t live up to other’s expectation
You are what you own. Living for other’s desire and expectation will never lead you to happiness. At the end, you might end up blaming yourself or to others. Follow your heart. Because other’s view for you never ends, it keeps on hunting you. Lower your expectations.

2. Sometimes, break the rule
Living under sincerity is never always fun. Rather, it can cause you a lot of stress. It puts you under pressure because we feel afraid of being wrong and its penalty. I have always lived under disciplined during my high school and I envy those friend who had fun going out at the parties, without any clue. However, being right all the time means actually you are upsetting other people. Because you have to prove others wrong. It simply damages our pride and will unnecessarily build arguments.

3. Stop thinking too much
What do we mostly think about? Of course, it is something we had done in the past. Past is past, it never comes back. Let it go if some bad memories is bothering you. Just accept it and move on. Because juggling up with too many things in mind actually make you stress and won’t lead you forward.

4. Try to stay away from social media
Nowadays, we are very much conscious about other’s response on our looks and design. We post our best photos in facebook, instagram and can’t stop to wait for the comments. And if received bad response, then we end up our whole day getting upset. Seriously, these things will ruin your happiness.

5. Stop complaining others and accept mistake
If you want to be happy, give up complaining about many things that make you unhappy, sad and depressed. Nobody can make you happy unless you allow it to. Take responsibility if they have done the mistakes. It allows them to move quickly and accept that they made the mistake. But complaining others for your own mistake is takes you into unhappy situation. Rather find the solution and try to solve it.

6. Don’t stay too attach with the wrong things
You can’t repeat the past and recorrect it. Such things only exist in the fairy tales. Sometimes, we are too attached with the sad or wrong things that will leave us feeling unhappy. Release yourself by assessing what you are attached to. Be strong.

7. Stop thinking that you are perfect
It is the huge blunder you make in the road to happiness. You might think being perfect among all will allow you to be happy but, you really are letting the chances to put you into unhappiness. For instance, even if you fail at getting the A plus, you will insist on yourself being the perfectionist which can have a bad effect on you happiness.

8. Never measure yourself with other
As for god’s sake, never get into the petty habit of measuring yourself worth against other people’s net worth. “Every second you spend thinking about someone else’s dreams, you take time away from your own.”

Tsering Tsomo

Senior Writer