Smoothie for Breakfast : 4 Recipes

For every diet, there is smoothie recipe and they are always delicious and nutritious. Especially, morning breakfast should be plenty and fresh. It keeps you healthy and energetic for the whole day.
Here are provided some recipes which is good for every diet and perfect for summer. They are quick and easy to get start with, in your own room or kitchen. Why should you always wait for others to have ready for you? Try some of these. It can be the best activities in the home for your family. Want to proud you’re your near ones? Here are some amazing breakfast recipes to try with.

1. Recipe 1: Banana and oats recipe

Banana has high protein and it fills you up more for your breakfast. If you want your menu a bit heavy, then try this banana and rolled oats. It will give you a long lasting energy.
1. Banana
2. Rolled oats
3. 2 teaspoon honey
4. 1 cup of fat milk

Mix all the ingredients in blender and on the top, some oats grains. Here you go….drinks ready.

2. Recipe 2: Pineapple and coconut juice

Summer has already arrived. This smoothie recipe will be the best choice for you. With this delicious recipe, have your breakfast a refreshing one and with the happy mood to start your day.
1. Coconut Milk
2. Chopped pineapple slices
3. Also flaked coconut
4. Vanilla yoghurt
Now, you don’t have to do anything. Just throw it all in blender. And it is ready.


3. Recipe 3: Strawberry yoghurt quick

Under the bright summer, this recipe will add refreshing taste to your body. It will make your mood better.
Ingredients :
1. Plain yoghurt
2. Strawberries
3. 1 teaspoon of honey
4. Orange juice
In the same way, mix it up and enjoy your drink.

4. Recipe 4: Mango juice/smoothie

Perfect recipe for the summer, mangoes aren’t long away to wait for. Also add avocado as it contains healthy fats and nutrients.

1. Chopped mango
2. Peeled avocado
3. 1 teaspoon of Honey
4. You can also add ice cubes
Blend all of it and get your treat ready!!!

These recipes can be delicious as well as refreshing for the summer. It will provide you energy and will boost up your mood.

Tsering Tsomo

Senior Writer