Recipe of Hidden Heart Chocolate Cake

Hidden heart chocolate is an easy to make and a lovely cake to present to your loved ones. Make your Valentine this time much more memorable. Your partner will love the elegant love shaped inside the middle of the cake which can be the expression of your love.

How to make:
• Start by adding 155 grams of softened butter and the same amount of sugar and stir them until they are really soft, light and creamy. And now put some eggs in the same mixer bowl.
• And when the mixture is really soft and light, you can add flour and baking powder. Also, add a teaspoonful of vanilla extract for a lovely flavor.
• Then you can add some pink food coloring to make it more presentable and colorful.
• After then, line a loaf pan with baking parchment and spread the mixture evenly into it and bake it to 180 centigrade for about 45 minutes.
• After it is cooked, take out the cake and make it completely cool for some minutes. Cut the cake into several slices and use a heart cutter to cut the pieces of hidden heart.
• Freeze them and use it later.

Now to make chocolate cake:
• Add some flour, baking powder, and the cocoa powder and at the same time to make the mixing easier, splash the milk into it.
• Using the pan again, at first put the half mixture chocolate cake into the half of pan and place the heart slices onto the layer.
• And then you can spread the left chocolate mixture onto the upper layer. Bake the cake at the same temperature, remove it after half an hour. And your cake is ready.

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