Discover Yourself And Grow Every Day

People often fail to see how gifted they really are as we are currently living in a generation where youth find acceptance and bondage with posts on social media more than they do with people around them with astonishing experiences and wisdom. The trend is simple, if the quote says it and the person whom you had a crush on last month for 2 weeks liked it then now it’s officially the story of your life for the time being that another post or quote doesn’t get your mind intrigued enough to make your thought process channelling to another direction. I’m not trying to discourage social media or reading meaningful articles but I’m just trying to say that every story you read doesn’t really have to be your story. If the guy in the name is called ugly and a nerd for not getting a date then that doesn’t validate you for being any less of a man for spending your weekend afternoon with your elder cousins.


If something makes you happy do it, if something does not then don’t do it just because it’s mainstream. You could always try it out and see whether it helps on molding your soul and if not then I repeat don’t do it just because someone else you admire supports it. The only truth you need to remember is “7 billion people, 7 billion stories” and yes your story may be similar to someone else but everyone has a beautifully unique way to look at life even if it’s weird, so take a deep breath and if something inspires you then love it and live it but don’t make it a way to escape life when you should actually be trying to make healthy changes in it. It all depends on how you look at things. Whether you’re a person who is lost, broken and living in denial or a person who’s is falling, accepting, discovering, learning and growing a little bit every day.

Fascinate House

Senior Writer