“Binti” Song by Prashna Shakya

The sentimental pop song “Binti” is sung by Singer Prashna Shakya from the album Prashna. This song is written by Neelam Aangbuhang Rai, composed by Prabin Baraili, arranged by Uday Raj Paudel and directed by Haang Chemjong. The cast includes Muna Laoti and Mausham Chemjong.

Singer : Prashna Shakya
Lyrics : Neelam Aangbuhang Rai
Composer : Prabin Baraili
Arrange : Udaya Raj Paudel
Album : Prashna
Director : Haang Chemjong
Model : Muna Laoti & Mausham Chemjong
Cinematographer / Edit : Sanraj Rana

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