Beauty tips for men

We know the truth that beauty tips are not just for woman. But it is equal important for man as well, to take care of their skin and physical appearance. Of course, who doesn’t want to look handsome and well groomed? After all women always want a man or groom who has fair skin and well groomed. And I found so many man who doesn’t take care of their complexion and appearance. I am sure most of the guys rush to school, college or wherever without having known what they wear and put on. How about you?
I am certain you must have ask someone about the beauty tips or browse through internet but you might have failed because all you guys think about is football, beers and others stuff.
Here, we have provided you with the list of beauty tips that can prove to be very helpful.

Groomed Man

1. Don’t use too much gel
Gel contains alcohol and using it, makes your hair hard and damages its quality. Rather prefer waxes, it will be kinder to you as it is free from alcohol. I don’t mean, don’t use it at all. Try to limit yourself to a penny-sized amount.

2. Have your private shampoo
Do you use the shampoo privately? Or you use whatever shampoo in the bathroom. Guys usually don’t bother to use private shampoo or probably mostly don’t buy as well, after all. All shampoo doesn’t fit for you as it has different types. What your mom use or your partner may not right for you. Hey, the white scalp and itchy in your head might be because of this reason.

3. Eat balanced diet
It is one of the most important beauty tips for men. How you look depends on what you eat. For instance, look at the face of those who frequently drinks alcohol and use drugs, their complexion is much different than the normal people, wrinkled around the face and scratched. From experience with hanging out with friends, I am sure your diet is not always out of limits. Beers, sausage, street foods aren’t them you prefer when out with friends. But eventually it will affect your skin and junk food and alcohol are the one that cause pimples on your face.

4. Care your lip balms
Your lips is also highly important for your beauty. Our lips are highly sensitive and it gets rough frequently. Apply lip balm three times a day. It will work great for you.

5. Wash your face frequently
Boys! They can’t stop hanging out, sometimes in the football ground or sometimes in the bike. When they get back home, I am sure most of them sleep without taking shower except few. It is very important that you wash your body, if not at least your face. Can’t you do that? The dirt on our face will worsen the pimples and can result dark spots on your face.

Tsering Tsomo

Senior Writer