Fashion Designer : Alicia Rumba

Alicia RumbaThe ever talented Alicia Rumba has caught our attention with her talent and ambition. She has recently finished her bachelor from IEC college.
Alicia shared with us some of her thoughts about her journey in this field. She said
“My journey started with a keen interest in fashion and styling from a very young age(16).I would say my personal motivation for getting into this field were mainly my love for sketching and the fact that I love clothes. I always had very particular ideas about what I want to wear. sometimes I couldn’t find clothes I liked, so I would design my own. Eventually, I decided to study fashion and make a career out of it. It’s pretty unique field coz it’s Both a business and art, which was really appealing to me. ”
Kanchan, (i.e Alicia’s real name) has shared some of the pictures from the show in which she had designed.

We asked her some questions about her and here are some of the inspirational answers that she gives.

What are your Hobbies?
-Travelling, wherever I have an opportunity to visit a new place, whether a village, city, mountain. I never miss it.

What advice would you like to give our readers about fashion as a professional career?

-If you’re on the fence about committing to studying fashion, I would suggest taking an evening or weekend class from a local art school that offers into fashion design classes or sign up for a sewing lesson.

-The real glamorous of the industry lies in hardworking and the journey behind the scenes.

-I believe that improvement is nothing to worry about. It’s natural things that happen when you concentrate And continue to work consciously

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