5 things you need to know how to get rid of winter cold

Do you have to wake-up early in the morning? The cold chills in the morning and the dust gathering around your body makes it a comfortable place for viruses, thus weakening your immune system. Once 
the cold catches your body, it won’t easily go away. The change in temperature and humidity can cause
 people’s immune system to weaken and that is why they end up catching a cold. Before, it starts 
invading you, you can follow the steps given below:

1. The human body is made up of 70% water. Therefore, we have to drink around 70% of water
(especially lukewarm water if you have a cold). At least drinking a cup of water in the morning
 will keep your body warm and help you stay away from various infections. Besides, it prevents
you from getting dehydrated and relieves any congestion.

2. Salt works best against a sore throat. It tastes unpleasant, right? But following this process really
 helps you remove any mucus. Put a teaspoon of salt and mix with half glass of water and gargle
 for three to four times. It can help relax your throat and make it much better.

3. Using warm steam water also helps loosen the mucus. Keeping your head over steamy water
 while taking long breaths can help relax your body. But be careful not to stay too long as your
 membranes can over moisturize by doing this. Using humidifier in the room can also be useful.

4. Get enough rest. You need to get rest so that your immune system can recover gradually as we
utilize our energy through our immune system. In order to help the immune system function
 properly, stay home and get plenty of rest. But be careful not to sleep for an extended period of

5. One way to stay away from the common cold is to stay away from any infected person and not
to share food with them. You should be hygienic and should carry a sanitizer to make your hand
 free from germs.

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