5 Reasons why being single is awesome

We have watched Movies, read love stories and celebrate valentine day every year. These all have been telling us that getting in relationship makes you real happy but how about those who are single. Are they living in grief? I don’t think so. However, being single has lots of advantages than those who are in relationship.
If you have been single or alone for a while or you just got out of the relationship, now it’s time to celebrate your single life. Nothing wrong is there being solo but in fact it has pretty awesome reason why being single is much better.
We have discussed over here why being single is awesome.
1. You can have so much free time to yourself
Being in the relationship, it takes up a lot of your time. Sometimes, you just have to squeeze out of your busy schedule and run out to your significant on their command. You have to invest so much time in each other that you will lose your privacy. When you are single, you have so much leisure hours all to yourself. Rather involved in these kinds of business, you can do other things that will manage your time.

2. You can involve in other that are important to you
Another benefit of being single is that you can focus on other things as well. Like you can learn how to cook and travel to Egypt or anywhere with your passport ready. You can go wherever you want and whenever you want. You can even do the volunteer jobs or take extra classes to graduate early.
The possibilities are endless.

3. You can save Time and money
Even though how much you try to save your money, when you are in the relationship, it doesn’t keep you away from bills and bills.
Most of your money is spent on restaurant, movies and presents and calls. Just imagine the amount of money you will save by making phone calls and sending a text message. And when you are the single only person you need to spend money on it yourself. Bills only on yourself. That’s why single is awesome.

4. Spend time with friends
When you are in a relationship, you don’t get much time to hang out with friends. Just because your significant other will get bored or sad alone, neglected, you pull yourself away from friends. Therefore, if you are single you can visit around with anytime without any feeling of guilty.

5. Easier to focus
You must have daydreamed about your significance what to plan for today and next day. It will make difficult for you to concentrate on what is important. When you are single, your mind stays focus on only one thing and is free of distraction, so, it is much easier to focus on work or school. For instance, those who are in the relationship get low grades in the academic result. It is all because of the relationship.

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