10 ideas to make your Valentine special

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and it is special for both the loved one. Here are some tips for a couple that makes Valentine day beautiful and special.
1. Express your love through song, letter, and surprises
2. Stay with the attitude of loving, playful and romantic. Start your day by mixing all of this
3. Plan for an outing and do some fun and adventure things that you have never done before
4. Prepare romantic surprise candle night dinner at home, give your spouse a special treat
5. Watch a romantic movie
6. Make a short video letting him or her know why he or she is special
7. Make cards by your own instead of buying from the outsides. The handmade cards show your love and affection
8. Go to the place where you could make pottery and painting. Try making some pot, painting so your memories will be unforgettable as this could reflect your love
9. Do couple photoshoot for memories
10. Write a poem for your girl

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